Here are some of the feedback we received from customers:

• By Amywatt on February 1, 2017.

Finally some gloves I can get on without the usual fumbling around, fingers all over the place and impatient toddlers running off mid process! Thanks you for making life that little bit easier :)

• By L Guest on April 29, 2016.

Finally a clever product for tiny one year old hands, well done awesome.

• By Freja P. on April 13, 2016

Really high quality, especially given the low price. So easy to put on and fasten to the little hands. Very much recommend!

• By Miss E. on March 14, 2016

Absolutely brilliant gloves. 19 month old daughter loves them. They are so easy to get on & they stay on! Just what u need with a young child.

• By Denis Mutisya on March 14, 2016.

A++ Mittens are perfect, my Granddaughter cannot pull these off and drop them in puddles.

• By Adam K. on February 13, 2016.

Great mittens. Not so easy for our precious little 'angel' to rip off and throw away, but at the same time he doesn't scream when they're on his hands.

 • By happy shopper on January 25, 2015.

 Have bought these before, very pleased with them so I bought another pair.

• By Leanne Con 10 January 2014

These gloves are so much easier than other gloves my 15 month old has tried, so much so that he used to have cold fingers and now he doesn't. The key is the fact I can get them on easily and quickly, and then that they stay on. I bought a size bigger as my son is big for his age and although there is room for him to grow into them they still stay on snugly. They are a must for any baby / toddler. By Mrs Moose on 10 October 2016 These are such a good idea! Well made, high quality product. Easy to put on a wriggly little one. Actually stay on (!), as have a Velcro band around wrist. Keep little hands toasty and warm. Bright colour. Definitely recommend these gloves.

• By Amazon Customeron 29 November 2016 Wonderful gloves.

Easy to put on, they stay on and they're so soft! My little boy loves these, and he hates socks, coats and any other glove we've tried. It helps that he has more movement in these (due to the separate thumb bit) than other baby gloves I think. I would highly recommend these. • By Maeve on 4 February 2015 Truly amazing mittens. The only ones my 18 month old actually wants to wear! He holds his hands out to put them on. They are the only mittens that actually stay on. They are easy to put on and the zip, Velcro and popper fastening combo ensures they don't come off. My son likes them as he can still eat rice cakes wearing them. I've just ordered my second pair as I managed to lose one. Would highly recommend.