As a parent, I always struggled to fit ordinary gloves onto my toddlers hand before going to the park or for a long winter walk.

Last year alone, I bought 5 pairs of gloves of different shapes and designs, yet I managed to lose 3 pairs in a few months because it was just too difficult to keep them on. I bought one pair that was very thick and quite expensive, but I couldn’t even fit them past my toddlers’ wrist.                          

A trip to the park was not very relaxing, as I had to follow my toddler and constantly readjust his gloves, so he wouldn’t lose them and his hands would stay warm while playing. If the gloves fell on the ground and became dirty, I would either have to put them back on or leave my toddler with cold hands.

Finally after a lot of thought and several months of design, sampling and testing, I managed to come up with a great solution for easy to fit on mittens for toddlers.

Toddlers often curl their hands, so when you try to fit the mittens on, it makes it difficult to fit them and most importantly to insert the thumb. “Easy Kiddos” Easy Mittens have a zip that opens all the way to the base of the thumb, which makes it easy to separate and insert the thumb.

To make it easy to gather the mitten and fasten the zip, I have designed an internal stud fastener, which enables the zip to be fastened using one hand.

The mittens are longer than gloves, so they cover the gap between the wrist and the cuff and provide more coverage and warmth.  

The mittens feature a velcro strap, which can be quickly and easily fastened around the wrist, and adjusted which make is very hard to lose the mitten.

The mittens are flared, so it is easy to either fit them over or inside a coat sleeve.

The mittens are thick and warm, but are still flexible so my toddler can easily move his hand and grip things or carry his toys while wearing them. In addition, they have a grip material on the palm that helps provide a better grip technique.

All in all the mittens provide an easy and functional solution, without compromising on quality.

I hope that you enjoy using them as much as I do.

“Easy Kiddos” Easy Mittens is sold on Amazon for attractive promotional price.

Technical Details

  • Vibrant red “Easy Kiddos” Easy Mittens, for toddlers from 10 months to 36 months.
  • Easy to put on as there is a zip that allows the mitten to be opened all the way down to the base of the thumb.
  • Easy to fasten due to a press stud internal fastener that makes it easy to fasten it with one hand.
  • Has a protective layer under the zip.
  • Hard to lose due to adjustable Velcro strap that fastens the glove around the wrist.
  • Extra length that allows the glove to be fitted over or under the sleeve of a coat, and keeps the hand and cuff warm and dry.
  • High quality thick fleece, wind proof and splash proof, with warm lining but still flexible so does not restrict hand movement.
  • Has polyurethane material on the palm to aid gripping.
  • Available in three sizes 10-18 months, 18-24months and 24 to 36months.
  • Paten Pending.
  • Overall composition is: Fleece: 100% polyester, Lining: 46% supper jersey,46% cotton, 4% bamboo, 4% elastine; Protective Layer: 100% Polyurethane     Warm gentle machine or hand washable.                    
  • Made in China


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